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Kimmie C Fitness offers in person and virtual classes for ALL fitness levels. We care about making you happy and healthy. Kimmie C Fitness would like to assist you to start or stay on the path of a healthier lifestyle. Let us assist you get active or stay active.  




Our Purpose

We want you to have a good time while you're attending Kimmie C Fitness classes.  Exercising should be a pleasurable experience for our clients. We want YOU for our client! No matter how large or small your fitness goals are, let us assist you with your accomplishments.

We want you to get healthy and stay healthy!

Online Zumba Lesson

Virtual Fitness 

  • To reduce the risk of injury, we conduct live sessions and pay close attention to postures.

  • Fewer customers per batch, daily diet monitoring, and continuous outcomes monitoring

  • Every month, switch up your training routine to keep your fitness levels fresh.

Online Fitness

Why Virtual?

  • It allows you to connect with yourself.

  • Builds up your confidence.

  • Helps structure your day.

  • Allows you to try different classes. 

  • Fits with your daily schedule. 

Group Calls

Start Online

It's normal to be apprehensive about taking your first live instructor-led session virtually. It's a great experience to take virtual classes from the comfort of your home. This will allow you to stay active and healthy while you work from home, take care of your love ones, or both. Also, virtual classes are perfect for individuals who want to keep their social distance under control.

Fantastic Results

Kimmie C Fitness has a long history of helping individuals achieve life-changing outcomes, whether losing weight, training for a marathon, overcoming back and knee issues, strengthening muscles, or conquering depression and sleeplessness.



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